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Who are the homeworkers? - Veterinary Physiotherapist

Updated: May 21, 2021

Some home-based jobs surprise even us, and Lucy Matthews’ role is a great example. Her clients are certainly unusual! While her line of work requires lots of travel, she does conduct some appointments from her own home, and of course she uses the home office as a base for record keeping and business administration.

Lucy, what do you do?

I’m a self-employed Veterinary Physiotherapist. I specialise in equine and canine physiotherapy.

What does your workspace look like?

My workspace moves! I travel to clients in the car and then carrying out physiotherapy sessions at various stables across Essex. Sometimes I also travel to people’s houses for canine clients. I then carry out admin work at home.

Do you have a work uniform/wardrobe?

Yes! I have a number of branded t-shirts, polos, fleeces and coats. They have my name and logo embroidered on them. I wear these with smart boots and jodhpurs or black jeans. All of the uniform is navy and black.

How has your practice/workspace/job in general changed over time?

As I bought more equipment, I was able to offer more modalities to aid with treatment and improve my quality of work. I also had to adapt to COVID-19 regulations when they changed, meaning I had to prioritise necessary clients where their welfare would deteriorate without my intervention. I also had to postpone other clients where they were just general maintenance cases. For mine and my clients’ safety, I had to work outside wherever possible and ensure that I was wearing PPE.

What’s your greatest remote working challenge?

Being decisive when making decisions on treating my clients and having confidence in my own ability. There are not always others around to discuss a conclusive treatment plan, so I have to have conviction in my assessments and treatment plans.

What’s your favourite aspect of being a home/remote worker?

I have flexible timings and a generally relaxed environment.

What’s your top tip for effective remote working?

Make sure you are self-motivated, and this is easier when you take shorts breaks. It’s also important to prioritise a balance of work and social.

Is there a device/object/bit of furniture/piece of tech that improved your remote working station or practice?

My laptop is integral for admin, but the specialist equipment I require to do the physiotherapy work includes a laser, pulsed electromagnetic therapy devices and kinesio tape.

What aspect of remote working in your role might people not know about or understand?

Having to send of veterinary referral reports before seeing new clients and then completing session reports to send to owners after every session. These are essential to conducting my work lawfully and thoroughly.

Your remote working soundtrack: do you have a favourite playlist/podcast/radio station to keep you motivated, or is silence preferable to you?

When travelling to clients, I always have the radio on. I tend to listen to Kiss or Capital. When I arrive, I chat with the clients but otherwise I have to focus completely on the animal.

What’s your fondest memory and/or greatest achievement in your career so far?

Achieving my Master’s degree and being able to go out confidently on my own to individual cases and gaining positive feedback/reviews. I’m really happy with the lovely feedback from all of my clients, and have built a trusted clientele very quickly.

Where do you see you and your business going in the future?

I aim to keep gaining more experience and confidence to hopefully be able to work with competition horses one day.

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