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Who are the homeworkers? - Business Consultant

Updated: May 21, 2021

We know that there are thousands of different careers that can be done from home, but it’s rare to find one man who has quite so many different roles at once... We spoke to Keith Edney to find out more about his homeworking experience.

Keith, what do you do?

International Business Consultant, Non-executive director, Cosmetics Business owner and Language Tutor to professionals.

What does your workspace look like?

An ergonomic chair, a Macbook Air and a large mug for tea, facing a bright sunlit window.

Do you have a work uniform/wardrobe?

Normally a collared shirt, casual rather than formal, with jeans or shorts.

How has your practice/workspace/job in general changed over time?

Considerably! From racking up as many as 16 international flights per week 5 years ago to not leaving my home city for weeks at a time now.

What’s your greatest remote working challenge?

Being disciplined with essential non-formal communication.

What’s your favourite aspect of being a home/remote worker?

Not wasting hours at airports or in traffic, have a significantly better carbon footprint in the process, and having more time for things I want to do.

What’s your top tip for effective remote working?

Have a schedule, be disciplined, and use wisely all the time you save.

Is there a device/object/bit of furniture/piece of tech that improved your remote working station or practice?

Large mug – stay hydrated.

What aspect of remote working in your role might people not know about or understand?

I have completed full business reviews visiting stores, offices and distribution centres without leaving my workspace.

Your remote working soundtrack: do you have a favourite playlist/podcast/radio station to keep you motivated, or is silence preferable to you?

Silence is my choice unless working on large spreadsheets - then only Meatloaf will do!

What’s your fondest memory and/or greatest achievement in your career so far?

Achieving a business review for a company in Ukraine, without leaving my apartment in Poland with colleagues from UK and Czechia, then having a virtual Friday evening beer at the end of the project.

Where do you see you and your business going in the future?

Zero wasted time, zero carbon and lots more free time.

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