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Our Story

In January 2022, we realised that between all the professional and personal demands on our time, we just hadn't been reading that much.  So we set ourselves a challenge: read at least one book per month for the full year.


It went so well, we've decided to continue!  


And as we've been enjoying the challenge so much, we decided to share some of our top picks with you.  Then someone suggested the Amazon Affiliates scheme, and we thought "why not?"  

At least one of the team has read each and every book on the following pages.  If you like our recommendations, please click through to Amazon and

Buy That Book!  


We hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

Meet the Books

We're Currently Reading...
Important books

From time to time, we come across a book that is so important we want the whole world to read it and learn from its pages.  This section collates the books that have had a profound impact on the way we think and how we view the world.  We are sharing them as a separate section because we believe that the more people who read these books, the better the outcome for the planet and all of the people who live on it. 

"Doughnut Economics:  Read it.  Then try and live it.  
Kate Raworth has come up with the closest thing that I have yet encountered to a viable roadmap for the future of humanity.  Please can it be mandatory reading?"

"Invisible Women was an absolute eye-opener.  The level of passive discrimination that 50% of the population face is beyond comprehension.  This is such an important read - understanding the problems women face is the first step to changing the status quo."

"Prisoners Of Geography is an eyeopening study of our geopolitical landscape.  Published in 2015, it is scarily prophetic and still highly relevant.  It makes for uncomfortable reading in places, but is fascinating nonetheless."

"This is one that everyone should read.  Thinking, Fast and Slow opens the door to understanding more about how we make decisions, and how we can improve this process.  It's been immediately applicable to my working life, and having a greater awareness of various biases and blind-spots will prove incredibly useful in both professional and personal spheres. ."

Big on Business

"I may be about ten years late to the Nudge party, but it remains a classic.  Having read it I now find myself hyper-aware of the choice architecture I encounter - and it's made me think critically about some of my own design choices too."

Feminism in Business

There is a definite overlap between the career hurdles faced by home, remote and flex workers and the struggles of the female workforce.  Whether you identify as a feminist or not, having a greater understanding feminist issues will help you better understand some of the challenges faced by those who are unwilling or unable to participate in a traditional office-based 9-5 role.  We know the landscape of work is shifting - let's make sure we re-write the rules with proper consideration for those who are currently marginalised.

Communication is Key

"The more I read about business, the more apparent it becomes that good communication is crucial.  Whether you're just starting your career or if you're a CEO, improving your communication skills will help you up your game and improve your performance." 

"Community culture - whether that is in business or social groups - is inexorably linked to how groups communicate with one another.  In Black Box Thinking, Syed explores how distinct groups and individuals deal with the culture of failure.  His arguments for embracing failure as a springboard to learning and ultimate success are compelling - and in some cases quite literally a matter of life and death." 

"TED Talks is a surprisingly lively and undoubtedly helpful handbook on public speaking.  At times I found it hard to keep reading the book and not dive off and explore some of the talks referenced, but overall I have the feeling that I will keep coming back to this book for each talk and presentation I need to deliver.  A Very Useful Read indeed." 

"The Art of Logic was an exactly the book I was looking for in terms of improving my own logic and analytic skills.  If I manage to adopt half of Cheng's helpful suggestions, I will be a more logical and persuasive individual - and harder to argue with to boot!" 

Helpful and Uplifting
Crunching the Numbers

"If you want to have a look at the future, reading The Metaverse is a good place to start."

Community and Belonging

"I can't get over how interesting Kelly-Ann Allen's book about the psychology of belonging is.  At only 7 chapters and about 100 pages, I read it in practically one sitting.  Great to be back in academic language too."


"Education is a vital component in the future of work.  Children need to learn how to solve problems, foster relationships, be adaptable and resilient...  And teachers need freedom to inspire, engage and the space to coax the best from their students."

"Alex Beard's book is a brilliant, thought-provoking and inspiring odyssey through the different approaches to education.  I feel like he has upped my game as both an educator and a parent.  Well worth a read if it's your field."

Sam Kean - Stories from Science

"The Tale of the Duelling Neurosurgeons was the first Sam Kean book I bought - and I enjoyed it so much I instantly bought the other three that were published at that time.  They have not disappointed!" 

An Interesting Mix...

"Every so often you come across a book that is just beautiful in every sense.  The Otter's Tale is one such book.  It's a delicately constructed homage to life in British rivers told through the story of Kuschta the otter."

"Ben McIntyre looks at history through the lens of a storyteller.  He brings together the quirky and outlandish elements of conflict, distilling them into a comprehensive and thrilling narrative.  These are very readable books."

"I have always been a fan of Viking history, but Cat Jarman's River Kings shines a new light on the escapades of my ancestors. A fascinating insight into Viking expansion, as well as the new scientific techniques employed by archeologists."

Short Introductions to...

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If you have any recommendations for us, please let us know! 

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